Damages in Equity for Breach of Trust

Damages For Breach of Trust

Huff v Price 1990 (BCCA) 51 BCLR 282 held that the amount of damages in equity  in an action for breach of trust will be equal to the highest price at which the property of which that person was deprived could have been sold in… Read more

Executor Found Liable For Lost Rents

Executor Liable For Lost Rents

Executors sometimes let friends or relatives live in estate property and not collect fair rent. The executor can be personally liable for lost rent. Where an executor permits tenants to live rent-free in estate property and the court is satisfied that the property was capable… Read more

Breach of Trust: "Knowingly Participating"

Breach of Trust: “Knowingly Participating”

In Scoretz v Kensam Enterprises Ltd 2017 BCSC 1356 a director of a corporate bare trust was found liable for damages for “knowingly participating” in the breach of trust by failing to deliver shares held in trust . The court found that it is clear… Read more

The Liability and Duties of a Trustee of Bare Trust

Bare Trusts

Scoretz v Kensam Enterprises Inc 2017 BCSC 1356 was an action for breach of trust brought by the beneficiary of a bare trust  and discusses the liability and duties of a trustee of a bare trust. The Court found that the trustee was liable in… Read more

The Test For An Injunction

The Test for an Injunction

Grieg v Kritikopoulou 2017 ONSC 4594 sets out the Supreme Court of Canada test for the granting of an interlocutory  injunction to restrain certain activity 11 The moving party must meet the following three-part test to success on a motion seeking an interlocutory injunction: a)… Read more

Litigation Guardian: Lawyers Can Assess Mental Capacity

Litigation Guardian: Lawyers Can Assess Mental Capacity

In Gengenbacher v. Smith, 2016 BCSC 1164, the court examined what is the test that a solicitor must satisfy to determine if the solicitor can represent an individual seeking to be a litigation guardian of an adult under a legal disability and determined that the… Read more

Offers to Settle and Double Cost Awards

Offers to Settle and Double Costs

Connor Estate 2017 BCSC 1341 dealt with the issue of whether the plaintiff should be  awarded double costs after the filing of an offer to settle that the plaintiff beat at the trial. The issue was whether the plaintiff Chambers was a spouse of the… Read more

Claiming Damages for Mental Suffering

Mental Suffering

Even in estate disputes client’s often wish to claim damages for mental suffering caused by other parties. The law relating to such was discussed in the Ontario case of Guschewski v Gushewski 2017 ONSC 4553 In Prinzo v. Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care, (2002), 60… Read more

9 Legal Principles of Trustee Removal

Trustee Removal

Two Ontario cases summarize the law relating to the removal of a trustee appointed by a will and would likely be followed as the law in British Columbia. In Chambers Estate v. Chambers 2013 ONCA 511, the court found that a testator’s wishes as to who… Read more

The Presumption of Advancement In BC May Be Dead

The Presumption of Advancement In BC May Be Dead

HCF v DTF 2017 BCSC 1226, a divorce case, traces the historical roots of the presumption of advancement and finds that it is an outmoded and “dead” legal principle in today’s BC society.  Times have changed because women are no longer economically vulnerable and same… Read more

Constructive Trust Remedy and Tracing

Constructive Trust Remedy and Tracing

Li v Li 2017 BCSC 1312 involved a father suing his daughter for the wrongful conversion of monies and the court finding for the father based on the remedy of constructive trust and tracing the monies. THE  LAW [225]     Mr. Li seeks a declaration that he… Read more

Revocation of Wills Post WESA

Revocation of Wills Post WESA

The introduction of the Wills Estates and Succession act (WESA) on March 31,2014 made a few  significant changes to the law relating to the revocation of wills. Probably the most significant change was that marriage after the execution of a will no longer revokes a… Read more

Same Sex Partnership: The Civil Marriage Act

Same Sex Partnership

Hinks v Gallardo 20114 ONCA 494 held that a British same sex partnership was a valid spousal marriage in Ontario and presumably also in British Columbia. A Canadian and a British citizen entered into a civil partnership under the Civil Partnership Act (UK) which created… Read more

Re-Opening a Trial: New Evidence

Re-Opening a Trial: New Evidence

Lambert v Peachman 2017 ONSC 4270 outlined the law relating to what is necessary in the form of new evidence to re-open a trial. Analysis 26      The principles and authority to re-open evidence of a trial are well established and noted by the Supreme Court… Read more

Validity vs. Administration of a Trust

Validity vs. Administration of a Trust

Tyrell v Tyrell 2017 ONSC 4063 dealt with a jurisdictional case as to whether the  Supreme Court of Ontario had jurisdiction to deal with the administration of a trust as opposed to the validity of a trust. The court found that the test is whether… Read more