Dysfunctional Families and Birth Order

Studies have shown that the birth order of children plays a significant part in their development in functional families that can be exacerbated in dysfunctional families given their extreme dynamics. It is common for families with more than one child to joke about the innumerable photos… Read more

Favourtism In Dysfunctional Families

While applying favourtism with children can also occur in functional families, it is often more prevalent in and  to further extremes in dysfunctional families. Favoritism has negative effects on both the favored child and the unfavoured ones that have long-lasting effects throughout life. For example, while the… Read more

Sibling Fighting – Does It Ever End?

From the perspective of an estate litigation lawyer I can categorically state that sibling fighting never ends right up until death – it only has periods of remission. In fact, after the death of the last parent my experience is that sibling rivalry  greatly increases to the… Read more

Dysfunctional Family Empowering Quotes

It goes almost without saying that anyone who attends at my office/disinherited.com will come from a dysfunctional family – it is rare that the client does not. After having dealt with what I will call the victims of dysfunctional families for many many years,  one… Read more

Dysfunctional Families Screw You Up

I am about to attend a wills variation mediation where the three adopted siblings are contesting their deceased mother’s estate and the only agreement we have is that all three siblings hate each other- they are the screwed up  results of a very dysfunctional family… Read more