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Credibility: Who to Believe?

Many court cases are decided on the issue of credibility. If the court does not believe one partie’s evidence then in all likelihood that party will lose. The law relating to credibility was reviewed in Yung v Three Good Friends Property Holdings Inc. 2018 BCSC… Read more



In the course of a complex almost month long matrimonial trial, the argument was raised with respect to the marriage agreement that it was unconscionable in its terms. The court concluded that it was not unconscionable. S. ( H.S.) v D. ( S.H.) 2016 BCSC… Read more

Legal Research Taxable Disbursement

Legal Research was allowed to be a taxable disbursement by the Court of Appeal . BCCA Registrar Confirms That On Point is “Far More Than Simply Legal Research” ( This blog is thanks to Onpoint Legal Research who I have happily used for over ten… Read more

Trevor Todd Interviewed Nationally re Paternity

Trevor Todd of was interviewed by four television networks, and one wire service on July 28 last re his opinion re paternity arising from a sensational and macabre murder of a wealthy Asian man who was chopped into over 100 pieces, left a purported love child… Read more

BNI video intro


A video of the showcase presentation given by Trevor Todd for BNI Marinaside on July 23rd, 2012.

Japanese Adoptions of Adult Males

Had I not read the following in the Economist I would not believe the practice of Japanese males adopting single male heirs when faced with  having only female heirs.   It would not surprise most North Americans to learn that 98% of adoptions there involve youngsters…. Read more

All Communications With Are Strictly Confidential

All written or oral communications between a prospective client and are strictly confidential in accordance with the professional and ethical duties imposed upon lawyers throughout the world. The purpoe of it is  to maintain the client’s confidence above all other concerns. Communications between a… Read more