Jerry Lewis and Wills Variation

Jerry Lewis and Wills Variation

In British Columbia, Jerry Lewis’s six disinherited children would have a wills variation claim under Section 60 of WESA. The news today reported: When comedian Jerry Lewis died from heart failure in August at the age of 91, as it turns out, he left the… Read more

England Considers Allowing Texts and Voicemails to Be Wills

England Considers Allowing Texts and Voicemails to Be Wills

England is considering introducing radical reforms to it’s inheritance laws that would allow text messages and voice mails to be valid wills according to an article in today’s Telegraph. “British people will be able to use voicemail and text messages to make their wills, under… Read more

Signs Your Senior Loved One is a Victim of Elder Abuse

Signs Your Senior Loved One is a Victim of Elder Abuse

The following article on signs of elder abuse  is reprinted with the permission of Sally Perkins , an American former home care and hospice manager. Signs Your Senior Loved One is a Victim of Elder Abuse If only we lived in a world where people… Read more

Self Represented Litigants

The Rising Trend of Self Represented Litigants

The Ontario Court of Appeal in Moore v Apollo & Beauty Care 2017 ONCA 383 discussed the increasing trend of self  represented litigants appearing before the courts. Self represented litigants present a problem for both the Court and any opposing counsel due to their general… Read more

Mental Incompetency and the Patient's Property Act

The Purpose of Obituaries

Obituaries are news article that report the recent death of a person that typically accounts for the person’s life, family members, glowing tributes , noteworthy achievements  and   information about an upcoming funeral service. It could be said that the main purpose of an  obituary is  to honour and… Read more

Dysfunctional Families: Shunning

Dysfunctional Families: Shunning

Of the many dysfunctional families cases that I have handled, the most insidious was that of a teenage girl who accused her grandfather of molesting her only to find out that she became  shunned by her entire family, all while continuing to live in the… Read more

Potential Inheritance Amounts to Rise

Potential Inheritance Amounts to Rise

Spouses and children of deceased people who are disinherited in BC have the ability to utilize the provisions of S 60 WESA to vary the will in their favour. This huge inter generational wealth transfer will have important economic consequences that will impact wealth distribution,… Read more

RIP Partner Pete

RIP Partner Pete

It is with deep sadness that Trevor Todd and announce the passing of Partner Pete C.C on January 23, 2016 at the age of 13 after bravely fighting an incurable liver disease. He will be missed. Pete understood the personal problems faced by our… Read more

Trevor Todd at Pripyat


It will soon be 30 years since the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of April 26, 1986. I visited the Chernobyl site in late September 2015. Driving the 2-hour route from Kiev Ukraine to the military checkpoint of the 30 km exclusion zone around the blast area,… Read more

Practicing Law Outside the Box

My mentee Candace Cho wrote this article for publication entitled PRACTICING LAW OUTSIDE THE BOX, and I am publishing it with her permission: Most lawyers would not be surprised with the 2007 American Bar Association survey cited in The Happy Lawyer, which found that 55%… Read more

Parents Not Liable For Grandfathers Sexual Abuse

Grandfathers Sexual Abuse Antrobus v Antrobus 2015 BCCA 288 held that absent knowledge of wrongdoing against their child, bystander parents can only be held liable if they were wilfully blind to the wrongdoing, here of the child’s grandfather. The  Plaintiff alleged that she was sexually… Read more

Narcissism In Estate Litigation

Narcissism In Estate Litigation In this age of the “selfie”, social media and general self- absorption, Donald Trump is a textbook narcissist. Narcissism has flourished in Western culture in recent years as witness the long-time success of ridiculously debased reality television and its “stars”. The… Read more

Pain Free Aging

A Pain Free Aging Boomers such as myself,  long ago began to suffer the painful and unhealthy ill effects of sitting at a desk, using a computer and phone, commuting to a stressful job, watching too much TV,  eating and drinking too much junk, and not… Read more

Social Media Postings Can Ruin YOUR Claim

Social Media Postings Can Ruin YOUR Claim. Although a personal injury case, the decision Tambosso v Holmes 2015 BCSC 359, demonstrated  that between a combination of video surveillance and 194 pages of Facebook entries, that the plaintiff’s claim was exaggerated and in total contradiction to… Read more

Can animals inherit?

Can Animals Inherit

From the BBC News While I have not actually researched the issue, I opine that animals  cannot inherit the funds in their own right, but instead can only do so by a trust. Twenty  years ago I had a case where a single person with… Read more