The Principles of Moot Court Cases

The Principles of Moot Court Cases

Moot court cases occur when a determination is sought on a matter which when decided by the court will not have any practical effect on the existing dispute such as the legal issue no longer exists. The courts do however have discretion when the moot… Read more

Public Policy Protects Wills Variation Claims

If a will contains a penalty provision, known as a forfeiture clause, threatening to impose a penalty upon a beneficiary if a will is contested, then in that event,  wills variation claims are protected by public policy so that such a clause is not enforceable in… Read more

Public Policy Denied re Rascist Will

This blog is up dated on March 9.16 as a result of the Ontario Court of Appeal reversing the trial decision which this blog is about The appeal court decision can be found at 2016 ONCA 196 ———————— In my blog dated June 9, 2014… Read more

Bequest to Nazis Void Against Public Policy

As reported by the Canadian Legal Newswire today, a testator’s  plan to bequeath his entire estate to a U.S. white supremacist group  in McCorkill v. Streed, Executor of the Estate of Harry Robert McCorkill.  was struck down as void against public policy. It declared an intestacy… Read more