Court Rewrites Will of a Man to Include Daughters

Court Rewrites Will Where there’s a will, there’s a way to have it overturned, as was the case when a court re wrote a mans will to include his disinherited daughters. The Globe and Mail reported: A B.C Supreme Court judge has ordered a man… Read more

Disinherited Daughters Share Equally With Brother

Wills Variation Action for Daughters Successful on Moral Grounds Skwarok v Werbenuk Estate 1678 2010 BCSC 1678, is a case where 4 disinherited daughters won an equal share of the estate with their brother who had been left everything. William Werbenuk died more than two years… Read more

Disinherited Daughter Fights Back -Marg’s Story

Disinherited Daughter Fights Back- Marg’s Story Like Cinderella, the little girl named Margaret worked to earn her room and board. She washed and swept and did what she was told. By the time she was five years old, her mother had already passed her from… Read more