Disinherited Estranged Son Loses In Appeal Court

Hall v Hall 2011 BCCA 354, the appeal of a sons wills variation claim was dismissed and the reasons for his disinheritance, namely estrangement, were upheld as being rational and true, and the son failed to prove that the reasons for his disinheritance were false… Read more

Son Awarded %50 of Estate Under Wills Variation Act

A will that had left the entire estate of $366,000 to the deceased grandchildren, was varied pursuant to the wills variation act to award the disinherited sole child of the deceased 50% of the estate, with the remaining 25% to each defendant grandchild.   see McEwan… Read more

B.C Allows Adult Independent Child To Contest Will Under Wills Variation Act

B.C Is Only Province To Allow Adult Independent Child(ren) To Contest Will Under Wills Variation Act If there was any doubt that no other Province in Canada except for British Columbia allows an adult independent child to contest a disinheritance by an adult child’s parents… Read more

Court Orders Partial Distribution of Wills Variation Funds

Court Orders Partial Distribution of Wills Variation Funds

The Reznik v Matty  2013 BCSC 1346 decision previously blogged the last few days, the Court  in a wills variation action, allowed an interim distribution of $10,000 each to 3 of the 4 residual beneficiaries of their father’s estate, who had died more than 12… Read more

Estranged Son Wins %60 In Wills Variation action.

Estrangement often presents factual problems for the court to determine in wills variation cases. When adult children are disinherited by their parents on the basis of alleged estrangement, the Courts will examine the relationship very closely to attempt to determine whether the disinherited child, or… Read more

BC Follows Manitoba Law – The Power to Cure Otherwise Defective Wills

Following up on my recent to blogs on the Manitoba Court of Appeal case George v. Daily, that decision of the power to cure otherwise defective wills, has been followed in Manitoba and other jurisdictions in Canada, and might likely be followed in British Columbia… Read more

Wills Variation Claim of Four Year Common-law Spouse Dismissed

The claim of a common-law  spouse whose husband was killed after approximately 4 years cohabitation was dismissed  for a number of reasons, some  in Eckford v. Rhonda Vanderwood et al 2013 BCSC 1729, included the fact that the widow earned substantially more than the deceased each year, and… Read more

Court Refuses to Approve Partial Wills Variation Settlement

The Supreme Court of British Columbia in   Henney v Sander 2014 BCSC 889 refused to approve a partial wills variation settlement made of the $25 million estate that involved settlement with some of the parties but not all of them. The deceased failed to provide for his wife… Read more

Abandoned Infant Wins Wills Variation Action, Not Estranged From Parent

Abandoned children are often disinherited later in life under the pretence of  being estranged from the parent  who typically deserted the child  and remained distant thereafter. The child under these circumstances is owed a strong moral obligation to be provided for by the deceased’s estate,… Read more

What the Court Needs to Know to Win a Wills Variation Action

S 60 of WESA allows the court to exercise its discretion re the claims of spouses and children against the assets of a deceased’s estate, on the basis that they were not adequately provided for in the estate.   The right to bring a Wills… Read more

Wills Variation Act Not Affected By WESA

The original plan for WESA was to restrict the right of an independent adult child to bring a claim against his or her parents estate on the basis that he or she will was not adequately provided for. A great deal of discussion took place… Read more

Interest Is Claimable on Lump Sum Wills Variation Awards

While it is much more common for courts to award a percentage of the residue of an estate to a wills variation claimant, it does on occasion occur where the court will order a lump sum award which may include interest..   That is a… Read more

Court Divides Estate Equally Between Son and Neighbours -Wills Variation Act

The Court Divides  Estate Equally Between Disinherited son and a long time friendly neighbour in wills variation action: Moore v. Drummond, 2013 BCSC 1762   [4] The new will, dated January 18, 2010, said : 7. My reasons for providing for my neighbours, CASEY MOORE and CLARA… Read more

contemplation of marriage

Will In Contemplation of Marriage

Prior to the WESA legislation in BC prior to  March 31, 2014 a marriage revoked an existing  will unless the  will was made in contemplation of marriage.   The BC Appeal court in MacLean Estate v. Christiansen, 2010 BCCA 374dealt with the matter.   The BCCA… Read more

BC Court Rules Sperm Freezer at UBC Was Like a “Warehouse Rental”

  Lam vs the University of British Columbia 2013BCSC 2094, involved a class-action suit brought by hundreds of sperm donors that had stored their sperm with the defendant University, and their sperm was damaged as a result of the sperm freezer malfunctioning. At issue was… Read more