Marriage No Longer Revokes a Will Under WESA

Marriage no longer revokes will under wesaRevocation of a Will before Part 4 of the WESA came  into force on April 1.14, is not revived by virtue of Part 4 coming into force (s. 186(3)).

This exception is of particular importance if the will-maker marries after making a will.

As the automatic revocation of a will by subsequent marriage of the will-maker is abolished under the WESA (s. 55(1)), the way in which the exception operates depends on the sequence in which the execution of the will, the marriage, the effective date of Part 4 of the WESA, and the date of death occur.

If a will is revoked because of the marriage of the will-maker before Part 4 is brought into force, the clear meaning of s. 186(3) is that its entry into force does not revive the will.

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Trevor Todd

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