Some Estates Generate Large Incomes For Decades

Estates Generate Large Incomes

It is very common for estates to generate income and sometimes capital during the administration of the estate on behalf of infants, people with disabilities and thus discretionary trusts, and so forth, that may go on for many decades.

Forbes magazine has recently published its annual list of the highest earning of dead celebrities and once again was incredulous at some of the sums of monies made by estates, such as that of Marilyn Monroe, who has been dead for over 50 years. I think it is safe to say that her estate has generated multifold more millions in income than she ever earned during her lifetime.

Here is this year’s top list ( all sums expressed in millions of dollars based on pretax earnings):





Elizabeth Taylor- $210 million


Michael Jackson-$145


Elvis Presley-55


Charles M. Schulz-( Peanuts) 37


Bob Mariey-17


John Lennon-12


Marilyn Monroe-10


Albert Einstein-10


Theodor-Geisel (Dr.Seuss-9


Steve McQueen-8

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Trevor Todd

Trevor Todd is one of the province’s most esteemed estate litigation lawyers. He has spent more than 45 years helping the disinherited contest wills and transfers – and win. From his Kerrisdale office, which looks more like an eclectic art gallery than a lawyer’s office, Trevor empowers claimants and restores dignity to families across BC. He is a mentor to young entrepreneurs and an art buff who supports starving artists the world over. He has an eye for talent and a heart for giving back.

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