Passing of Accounts and Court Costs

Passing of Accounts and Court Costs

Re Rodgers Estate 2017 BCSC 2001 discussed who should bear the costs of a passing of accounts hearing where it was asserted that no valid complaints were raised re the accounting by the party challenging them. The court ultimately held that the estate should bear… Read more

How the Award of Court Costs are Made in British Columbia

This video is about court costs. Typically and historically, court costs often came out of the estate. The unsuccessful party did not have to pay the winning party and that was the way it was for many, many years. Approximately 20 years ago in British… Read more

Offers to settle double costs

Offers to Settle Double Costs

Sim v Sim estate 2017 BCSC 345 discussed offers to settle and rejected an award for double costs finding that the offer was one that ought not to have reasonably been accepted as it required the plaintiff to give up the claim entirely while providing… Read more