Removing and Replacing Executors and Trustees

This video is on removing executors and trustees. Personally, I think being an executor is like being a fire hydrant on a street of dogs. You can never, ever get enough appreciation. Unfortunately, it seems to attract a lot of heat. Now there are good executors and there are bad executors. But the fact that you don’t like the executor or you can’t get along with the executor really is not going to be sufficient to remove that executor.

At common law, it has historically been very difficult to remove an executor. But more recently, the courts I think have adopted a more flexible approach. Therefore, you can remove an executor for such reasons as dishonesty or total impasse where nothing is happening whatsoever and things along that line. It’s very difficult. It’s something you’re going to have to consult an expert on and ultimately, it has to be resolved in favour of getting the estate distributed to the proper heirs.

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