Financial Abuse

forgery and handwriting analysis

Forgery and Handwriting Analysis

 I commonly receive estate enquiries where the enquirer strongly asserts   suspicion that  documents found after death such s a wills or a  transfer were forged. I predicted many years ago
Predatory Lenders and Unconscionable Transactions

Unconscionable Transactions and Predatory Lenders

In Astina Mortgage Group Ltd v Galpin 2019 BCSC 1811 the court dealt with a predatory lending mortgage group and an 89-year-old widow who allegedly was taken advantage of by
Romance Scams

Romance Scams

With the growth of social media romance scams are increasingly more common and costly to its victims. Criminal networks and unsavory characters defraud lonely people around the world with false
Hidden Assets- Abuse of Process - Disinherited

Hidden Assets: Abuse of Process

The Court of Appeal in Estate v Esteghmat-Ardakani 2018 BCCA 290 upheld the dismissal of a claim on the basis of abuse of process as the appellant hid assets and
Common Types of Financial Abuse by Caregivers

Common Types of Financial Abuse by Caregivers

A British Columbia nurse was fined by the College of registered nurses in the amount of $17,500, plus ordered to pay investigation costs of $16,500 for financial abuse of an
Dysfunctional Families: Financial Control

Dysfunctional Families: Financial Control

Financial abuse in dysfunctional families is a common tactic to gain power and control within the family. I was reminded about this fact when reading an article in the British
Signs Your Senior Loved One is a Victim of Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse- Red Flags

The following article on signs of elder abuse  is reprinted with the permission of Sally Perkins , an American former home care and hospice manager. Red Flags That Your Senior
Ensuring Independent Legal Advice

Ensuring Independent Legal Advice

Many transactions are set aside in British Columbia by the courts on the basis that true independent legal advice was not obtained by the person making a radically changed will
Dysfunctional Families - Disinherited

Dysfunctional Families: The Predator Spouse

A disturbing and increasing trend in dysfunctional families is the advent of the predator spouse who takes advantage of elderly victims and assumes control of usually financial affairs and marries
Fraudulent Wills

Fraudulent Wills: Vancouver Sun Article

The Vancouver Sun published an article I wrote on the increased risk of fraudulent wills that may occur under WESA. The B.C. inheritance-and-estate law brought in two years ago has