Dysfunctional Families: First Families vs Second Families

It is a not uncommon fact pattern in estate planning and in our office litigation for a will-maker to have had one previous family, including children, before eventually having a

Dysfunctional Families- Toxic Parents

I am fond of saying that it is extremely easy to become a parent, but very difficult to be a good one. Many children are simply not wanted, and many
Passive-Aggressive Behavior

Passive-Aggressive Behaviour

Passive-aggressive people are frequently seen in estate litigation and family law matters. People such as parents or partners who display passive-aggressive behavior have a hard time expressing their feelings verbally.

Abusive Parents

In my practice of acting for disinherited people, I frequently encounter adult children who have been raised by abusive, even toxic parents. It comes with the territory. I have frequently

Personality Disorders in Estate Litigation

One of the most common fact patterns in estate litigation involves a parent(s) with a personality disorder. We all know people like this – they are usually nasty, manipulative, verbally
The Doctrine of “Clean Hands” | Disinherited Estate Litigation

The Doctrine of “Clean Hands”

In an action for fraud and misrepresentation Wang v Wang 2020 BCCA 15 the BC Appeal court found the trial judge was incorrect in disallowing a claim by reason that
Recognizing Personality Disorder

Recognizing Personality Disorder

My experience is that many children of parents with a personality disorder end in estate litigation, and I may be important to recognize this. Generally speaking, people with personality disorders
Special Damages Must Be Particularized

Special Damages Must Be Particularized

Wilson v HMTQ 2019 BCSC 1049 involved a discussion of what special damages are and how they must be particularized. The case involved a successful application by the defendants to
Cutting Ties with the Family and Estrangement - Disinherited

Dysfunctional Families-Cutting Ties

I have frequently interviewed clients who told me innumerable variations of the theme that caused them to cut ties with their parents, only to be met with a memorandum in
The Doctrine of Clean Hands

The Doctrine of Clean Hands

A well-established principle of the law of equity is the doctrine of clean hands which states “he who comes into equity must come with clean hands.” The clean hands doctrine