Joint Tenancy Severed Due to Acrimonious Conduct

In Preskar Estate v Wagner 20023 BCSC 80 a BC court found that a joint tenancy with a right of survivorship had been severed so as to become a tenancy

Joint Tenancy vs. Tenancy In Common Explained

Joint tenancy and tenancy in common are the two most common forms of concurrent property ownership in Canada. In a joint tenancy, the “four unities” of title, interest, time and

Joint Tenancies- Who Gets What on Death?

The transfer of the legal interest in property into joint tenancy gives rise to three potential scenarios: a) The creation of a true joint tenancy, in which each of the

Partnership Severed Joint Tenancy

In Garland v Newhouse 2021 BCSC1291 a partnership between non-spouses of a jointly owned property was held to sever the joint tenancy when one of the partners died.   (

Severance of Joint Tenancy- Unilateral Action

A joint tenant may sever a joint tenancy with or without the consent or knowledge of the other joint tenant, by a unilateral action, such as a transfer from him
Spousal Separation Severs Joint Tenancy

Spousal Separation Severs Joint Tenancy

The estate of Eleanor Maureen Cook 2019 BCSC 417 confirmed that pursuant to S. 81 Family Law act a joint tenancy asset owned by spouses is severed into a tenancy
Severance of Joint Account by Conduct

Severance of Joint Account by Conduct

In  Zeligs v Janes 2016 BCCA 280 the BC Court of Appeal upheld a trial decision finding that a joint bank account was severed when one of the joint tenants