Trevor Todd has spent over 45 years helping the disinherited as one of British Columbia’s most esteemed estate litigation lawyers. He’s written well over 1000 articles, been published numerous times and has mentored other lawyers in practice.

How Our Work Serves

“Your website was one of the only I have found that hit the nail on the head with my current legal situation. You seem to be the only one who understands the psychology and marries it to defense.” – Lisa
“Can’t thank you enough for all the helpful info and informative articles on your website, so very much appreciated.” – Monika
“I have read many of your articles to help me gain a better understanding of wills and estates” – Larry

“Thank you again for being our lead, and also for being a lead in the community for the unjustly disinherited. We read some of your articles and viewed a 25-minute video of yours.”
– Derek

“Whenever life has thrown really tough stuff at me, there has always been someone at the fork in the road to help or point me in the right direction. This time it was Trevor. The forces of serendipity that led me to your website still amaze me.” – Pat – Prior Client
“On behalf of all BC Notaries we want to thank you for your time and presentation at this year’s 2019 BC Notaries Spring Conference. We look forward to continuing to partner with you in furthering the education of our Notary Publics and membership as a whole.” – BC Notaries Association

“Thank you all for your hard work in making a difference to my life. I received my inheritance today and am going to head to the bank to become debt free. That is a huge load off of my mind which without Trevor Todd and ONYX team would not have been possible.”
– Prior Client