Family Law Matters

Family Verbal Agreement re Property Upheld

In Sojka v Sojka 2023 BCSC 52 the court upheld a verbal agreement made amongst family members as to the beneficial ownership of a parcel of property. In Suenv Suen
Family Compensation Act: Damages For Wrongful Death

Family Compensation Act: Damages For Wrongful Death

Valencia-Paiaciao v KCP Heavy Industries Ltd. 2022 BCSC 1171 provided a good review of the law in British Columbia relating to claims under the Family Compensation Act for damages for
Marriage Agreements

Marriage Agreements

The BC Supreme Court in Drummond v Billing 2022 BCSC 1076 reviewed the principles of law relating to marriage agreements. In that case the court set aside a marriage agreement
Family Law Re Property and Debt

Family Law Re Property and Debt

Family Property and Debt was discussed in Williams v Williams 2022 BCSC 517. Although Family law and estate law have historically been very different, there has been a gradual trend
Marriage Like Relationships: Mutual Intent Not Necessary

Marriage Like Relationships: Mutual Intent Not Necessary

The BC Court of Appeal in Mother 1 vs Solus Trust et al 2021 BCCA  held that the mutual intent of both parties is not a prerequisite to finding that

Court Appointed Trustees For Infants ( S 159 FLA)

Individuals, (typically parents) and trust companies may apply to be appointed the trustee of the minor’s property pursuant to section 179 of the Family Law act. ( FLA) For example,

Courts Refuses Production of Computer Hard Drive

In a long running matrimonial dispute  the court in Etemadi v Maali 2021 BCSC 1003 refused to order the defendant to produce her computer hard drive to her husband. A

S 150(2) WESA Allows Family Claim After Death

Weaver Estate v Weaver 2021 BCSC 881 allowed the personal representative of the deceased spouse as provided for by S 150(2) WES to commence the family law action for division
Polyamorous Triad Registered as Child's Parents

Polyamorous Triad Registered as Child’s Parents

British Columbia Birth Registration No. 2018-xx-xx5815  2021 BCSC 767 ordered the three members of a polyamorous “triad” to be registered as the three parents of a new born baby. The
Cohabitation Agreement Upheld- S. 93 Family Law Act

Cohabitation Agreement Upheld: S. 93 Family Law Act

In Hudema v Moore 2021 BCSC 587 the parties signed a cohabitation  agreement between themselves that while they cohabited, the relationship would NOT be defined as marriage like, the court