Trevor Todd Interviewed Nationally re Paternity

television july 15Trevor Todd of was interviewed by four television networks, and one wire service on July 28 last re his opinion re paternity arising from a sensational and macabre murder of a wealthy Asian man who was chopped into over 100 pieces, left a purported love child of only a couple months old , some other children, and a $50 million estate.

The mother had obtained a court order for the production of DNA to compare with the child and the Court so ordered. Trevor Todd was interviewed  and stated that the DNA will be conclusive one way or another as to the child’s paternity. If the child is found to be his child she will share equally with his other children, and the guardian of the child will  receive capital and income to support the child until the age of majority

Here are a couple of excerpts from the various newspapers that reported:

Vancouver Sun, Province, Globe and Mail , National Post and Vancouver Metro:


“Trevor Todd, a Vancouver-based estate litigation lawyer with 42 years experience, said a positive paternity test would entitle the child to her father’s fortune.

“That’s going to be pretty darn conclusive. You can have all sorts of other circumstantial evidence, but it comes to down to blood. It’s 100 per cent,” he said.

“It’s just automatic, nothing to contest. That little rich kid’s going to need a bodyguard,” he joked.”

The Province July 29,2015

Trevor Todd, an estate litigation lawyer, said any other children would share the inheritance equally.

“There’s a number of people, and I see them through my doors, who have secret lives and other families,” he said.

“Everyone’s equal, doesn’t matter where you live in the world. As long as you’ve got the DNA, it’s pretty simple. Dads go around sowing their oats.

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