2 Ways the Revocation of Wills Can Happen in Vancouver

A revocation of a will in British Columbia can happen in two different ways. For example, the test dater can rip it up with the intention of revoking it. He can burn it, destroy it, and any other matter of destruction of the will with the intention of revoking it, or it can happen by operation of law. For example, when a married couple divorced, the gift to the husband is revoked. The rest of the will is valid.

Revocation is a very important topic in the estate litigation issue as you can well imagine. It is important to safeguard that original will because if the original will cannot be produced, there is a presumption in law that the testator intended to revoke it provided that the will was in his or her possession at the time it went missing. This can have disastrous effects to some of the main beneficiaries. So, anything you need to know about revocation of wills, please feel free to contact us.

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