Do you need advice on a contested will?

Everyday people are disinherited by their loved ones and need to manage a contested will. Some with just cause, others without. It’s rarely a money issue; disinheritance cases are often filled with family misunderstandings and heartfelt emotion that leads to a contested will.

The good news for the disinherited is this: Not all wills may be valid. Or if it is valid, it may be varied. They may reflect old misunderstandings, abusive attitudes, or improper influence. Where there is due course, wills and transfers can be successfully challenged in court.

With creativity, curiosity, and a keen sense of entitlement, Trevor is one of the most successful estate lawyers in the business. He gives away his initial advice for FREE and believes wholeheartedly in paying it forward.

If you have been disinherited or are considering contesting a will or transfer, contact Trevor.

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