We not only win cases; we also win hearts

“Thanks so much for taking my case! Your experience and professionalism were clearly responsible for my claim’s success. It was not simply about the money. After years of shabby treatment, as last I feel validated.”
–Jaime H.

“Thank you so much for giving me a voice and helping me pursue my legal rights! Your compassion and understanding aided me greatly in standing up for myself, which my mother never did. I am so happy you
took my case!”
–Marg Austin

“I was executor of my sister’s estate after she died in a tragic car accident. She had owned a ranch and after her death, her ranch hand claimed to be her common-law husband.
I canvassed several colleagues before hiring Trevor. It was the best decision I could have made! The ranch hand was sent packing in very short order!”

“I would highly recommend Trevor Todd’s services. Trevor has a collaborative style and is approachable and friendly… Ultimately, with Trevor’s help, we received a good settlement and managed to avoid a trial.”

“Dear Mr. Todd,
Years ago I read an article in The Vancouver Sun about your law firm and how it specializes in cases such as the real life Cinderella who was disinherited. I clipped the article and tucked it away knowing that one day I may need to contact you. That day has come. I am in need of legal advice.”
– Jodi L.