Enforcing/Interpreting Settlements

Enforcing/Interpreting Settlements

Walsh v Walsh 2018 BCSC 199 deals with an application to interpret or give effect to a settlement agreement, that unfortunately the parties could not ultimately agree upon. While lawyers typically strive to settle court actions, as well as have an ethical duty to do… Read more

Enforcing Settlement Agreements

Probably most litigation lawyers have experienced the situation where a settlement is made on behalf of their client who then subsequently changes his or her mind. I have found this to have occurred on several occasions in recent years after a mediation of many hours… Read more

Offers to settle double costs

Offers to Settle Double Costs

Sim v Sim estate 2017 BCSC 345 discussed offers to settle and rejected an award for double costs finding that the offer was one that ought not to have reasonably been accepted as it required the plaintiff to give up the claim entirely while providing… Read more