What Happens When You Lose Your Will?

What happens when you lose your will? Many people, in fact, do. They might be hoarders or they might be very careful people but they don’t appreciate that that document that they signed many years ago and took home is perhaps the original of a very valid document that only takes effect upon a death. So it’s important to safeguard where the will is kept.

The main reason is that if the will is lost while in your possession and then you die, you are presumed to have revoked that will and that the will no longer exists. This is a rebuttable presumption and the court will be allowed to look at whether you referred to the will, whether you referred to the will to your general nature as to what type of person you were and to any other previous wills that you might have done in an attempt to see if the presumption can be rebutted. The most important thing to remember though is to safeguard your will.

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