Pain Free Aging

Pain Free Aging

A Pain Free Aging

Boomers such as myself,  long ago began to suffer the painful and unhealthy ill effects of sitting at a desk, using a computer and phone, commuting to a stressful job, watching too much TV,  eating and drinking too much junk, and not getting enough proper exercise.

We were the Boomers and would be immune form pain in our older age as someone would by then invent a pill for it all, like they did with oxycontin.

After having written on mental decline a great deal, I thought it was time to raise awareness of the dangers of pain and aging, that can largely be avoided by ”taking care of oneself”.

Women seem to do a better job of it in my experience than men, and certainly when it comes to flexibility, many men are so stiff as I once was, that a series of progressive sneezes could cause my shoulder to lock up in pain.

Boomers now desperately  seek, or should seek, skilful help in their need to minimize their various pains, increase their movement restrictions, reduce stress and enjoy life more.

After 40 years of sitting at a desk and having a long history of poor posture, I long ago developed mid back and hip pain that began to intrude on my Boomer assured quality of life, particularly the last 10 years.

I tried exercise, which of course is very helpful, but the wrong kinds can make matters worse and not better. For example, I suspect there are many long distance runners of my age group who regret all the pounding they have imposed on their knees and hips.

For in excess of the last two years I have utilized the services of Christina Niven, for one-on-one stretching services.

I am now 2 inches taller and have little to no back or hip pain.

I even on occasion now get complimented for my upright posture by former friends, when only two years ago Christina had to teach me what it meant and felt like to actually stand erect.

Christina has taught stretching combined with breathing techniques for many years, and rather than be simply classified as a yoga teacher, she instead specializes in providing care and knowledgeusing gentle  stretching techniques combined with breathing  to achieve her rehabilitative goal of assisting us  Boomers reduce our pain and stiffness (and often obesity.)

Christina’s  service is quite unique in that she will come to your office or home to provide either one-on-one service, which she prefers and stiffies like myself require, but alternatively also leads group sessions.

In fact she ran a class of stretching called “Stiff Guys” that was quite successful in that most men are  embarrassed to display what physical inflexible wrecks they are in the presence of all the more  flexible women.

Christina can be reached at or phone/text 604-649-8522


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