RIP Partner Pete

RIP Partner Pete

It is with deep sadness that Trevor Todd and announce the passing of Partner Pete C.C on January 23, 2016 at the age of 13 after bravely fighting an incurable liver disease.

He will be missed.

Pete understood the personal problems faced by our disinherited clients and the dysfunctional world that they often come from.

Pete himself was passed over time and time again until we accepted him at 18 months of age. Apparently even his own mother seriously disliked  Pete, but we all came to love him and adopt him as not only family, but as a partner in my law practice. He was a black sheep amongst 23 fox terriers in the kennel.

Pete and I never disagreed at partnership meetings, he would enthusiastically wag his tail at my every suggestion provided then he was given a biscuit.

My clients also seemed to genuinely love Pete.

More biographical information can be read about Pete on my website .

I am taking applicants for a new associate dog with a long term view of partnership. If any of my readers have any suggestions about a great office/town house smaller dog other than a terrier, or as I came to call them ” terrorists” (I have had three fox terriers thanks). My inclination is a King Charles Spaniel, as per  Nancy Reagan’s dog.

Donations in Pete’s honour in favour of the SPCA would be greatly appreciated.

RIP Partner Pete

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