Abandoned “Love Child” Fights Back

Austin v Les 2006 BCSC 2100 is a wills variation case where disinherited.com was the plaintiff’s counsel representing a 62-year-old daughter of the deceased person who was essentially given away to be raised by others.

Marg Austin was born at a time when it was socially unacceptable for a mother to be unwed.

The deceased went on to marry and live happily ever after pretending that she did not have an out of wedlock child.

The deceased and her husband adopted two girls and ultimately the deceased left her two girls to share equally in her substantial estate.

She left her abandoned daughter Marg the sum of $100.

disinherited.com was successful in obtaining an equal one third of the estate for Marg.


disinherited.com was recently contacted by a 77-year-old man whose mother recently passed away at about age 92.

Her obituary read that she left three children and referred to the  client as her brother.

The deceased had lived all her life under the façade that she did not have an out of wedlock child prior to her marriage.

When he was 15 he found out that his sister was in fact his mother.

The client has a birth certificate with the deceased’s name on it indicating that she is his mother, and this was acknowledged during her lifetime privately and amongst her three natural children, but the hurtful façade continued.

It reminded me that movie actor Jack Nicholson also learned that his sister was in fact his mother when he was a teenager.

Marg’s story was reported by the Vancouver Sun in a full page article on August 15,2009, section A10.

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