Law Firm Denied Fees For “Unclean Hands”

  Chudy v. Merchant Law Group, 2008 BCCA 484 illustrates the interplay of legal and equitable principles, and the role of equity in the doctrine of “unclean hands”. By way of background, Mr. Chudy was seriously injured, while a passenger, in a motor vehicle crash. … Read more

Missing Persons Part 2 – Presumption of Death Orders

Missing Persons and Presumption of Death- Part 2 The horrendous death tolls in  recent years from tsunamis, natural disasters, and murder unfortunately raise interesting legal questions. The bodies of many of the victims remain missing and may never be recovered. Public officials have simply presumed… Read more

Missing Persons – The Curator

Sometimes people go missing  in circumstances where there is insufficient evidence or insufficient time elapsed to apply for an order of presumption of death. In such circumstances, counsel will wish to consider appointing a curator under the provisions of the Estates of Missing Persons Act. Essentially,… Read more

Mom always loved you best

Mom Always Loved YOU Best is an expression that many boomers grew up with.   The Smothers Brothers said it every show.   Trevor Todd of has a sticker with the expression on the back of his Smart car, and frequently notices other driver’s… Read more

Lawyers Risk Much When Taking Contingency Fee Cases

Contingency Fee Cases Are Risky for the Lawyer, with  very Little risk for the Client. Contingency fee agreements with  a lawyer where the lawyer only earns a fee based on assets recovered, is commonly known as ” the poor man’s key to the court room“. The… Read more

The Top Five Reasons Why Families Fight Over Inheritances

Why Families Fight Over Inheritances? In “Blood and Money: Why Families Fight Over Inheritances and What to Do About It, “author Mark Accettura draws on his experience of 30 years of research in the fields of evolutionary psychology, gerontology, psychiatry, Gen. psychology and neuropsychology into… Read more

Testimonials From Clients are Appreciated has received many wonderful thank yous over the years. Many of them are on our website under Testimonials. We received this one today from Pat, who lives many thousands of miles away. We thought we would mention her kind words  in today’s blog .  … Read more

A Beacon of Hope in the Practice of Law

A Beacon of Hope Did you know that of all women called to the bar in 2003, only 66 percent retained practising status in 2008 in comparison with 80 percent of men called in the same year? Did you know the trend in BC is… Read more