Mediation Successful %90 of the Time

Mediate-don't litigate

Mediation of one’s legal disputes is a remedy that should be explored by all estate litigants, as mediation works about %90 of the time!

A mediated solution tends to be more satisfying than the one imposed by a court for many  reasons:



greater flexibility,

greater simplicity,

client ownership of the process including their involvement in the process,

potential for preserving relationships,

durability of settlement, and confidentiality.

Professional mediators are skilled and take pride in attempting to be innovative in trying to allow the parties to reach their own solution to a court action that a judge may have difficulty in ordering a fair justice, given that one party usually loses and pays court costs, while the other prevails.

Consequently, the practitioner who takes a proactive and positive approach toward mediation as an estate dispute resolution mechanism will often reach an amicable settlement faster and cheaper than protracted litigation, and earn a grateful client.

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