B.C Estae Lawyer- WESA Allows Adult Independent Child To Contest Will Under Wills Variation

Trevor Todd and Jackson Todd have over sixty combined years of legal experience in handling contested estates and in particular handling claims for adult independent children and wills variance proceedings.

If there was any doubt that no other Province in Canada except for British Columbia allows an adult independent child to contest a disinheritance by an adult child’s parents for their breach of a moral obligation to provide for that child, the Ontario court of Appeal has stated NO,  at least for Ontario,  and I believe the decision would be followed everywhere in Canada except for BC.

The recent decision of Verch v Weckwerth 2014 ONCA 338  has confirmed that there is no moral obligation on a parent to provide for an adult independent child on the basis of a breach of moral authority to do so in Ontario, which is totally contrary to the law in British Columbia.

The Court even referred to the leading case in British Columbia, the Supreme Court of Canada decision in Tataryn v Tataryn (1994) 2 SCR 807 and refused to consider it as persuasive authority “as the BC Wills Variation statute  knows no such counterpart in Ontario.”

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