Court Rewrites Will

Court Rewrites Man’s Will to Include Daughters

Court Rewrites Man’s Will to Include Daughters Son was named as sole beneficiary until judge intervened Where there’s a will, there’s a way to have it overturned. A B.C. Supreme Court Judge has ordered a man to a split his late father’s estate, despite the fact… Read more

Court Overturns

Court Overturns Man’s Will on Moral Grounds

The Bc Court over turned and varied a will where his four daughters had been left with nothing. William Werbenuk died more than two years ago with just enough money in the bank to pay for his funeral. The 86-year-old widower’s will gave all assets… Read more


Disinherited Daughter Fought Back

Disinherited Daughter Fought Back Disinherited Daughter. Like Cinderella, the little girl named Margaret worked to earn her room and board. She washed and swept and did what she was told. By the time she was five years old, her mother already passed her from home… Read more

Mentorship Revisited

Mentorship Revisited

The beacon of hope shines on in the practice of law Three years after our article, “Mentorship: A Beacon of Hope in the Practice of Law” was published in the June 2011 issue of BarTalk, much has evolved in our mentor association and in our… Read more

Inherit Millions

Baby Could Inherit Millions if Proved to be Daughter of Slain Vancouver Man

A Chinese woman trying to prove her baby daughter has sole claim to the fortune of a slain West Vancouver millionaire has won her bid for a paternity test. Baby could inherit millions. A new British Columbia law says the child stands to inherit everything if… Read more


B.C. Backs Baby’s Bid for Bigbucks

Court orders DNA test for child who may inherit Bigbucks $50M A Chinese woman trying to prove her baby daughter has sole claim to the fortune of a murdered West Vancouver millionaire has won her bid for a paternity test. A new British Columbia law… Read more

Gold-Digger Syndrome

Signs of Gold-Digger Syndrome

Berger was advised to challenge her father’s will not on grounds of “undue influence” but under a section of the B.C. Wills Variation Act that says a “judicious parent” bears a responsibility to provide for biological sons and daughters even if they’re adults. Vancouver lawyer… Read more

Trevor Todd recently interviewed on CBC Radio

Counsellor Dawn Schooler and lawyer Trevor Todd speak on how to divide inheritances. Please forward to 20min 30 sec point to get started. CBC Radio – BC Almanac Podcast – Listen

Trevor on Global News Vancouver

Trevor on CTV News Vancouver

Globe & Mail Interviews Trevor Todd re Wills Variation Case

Trevor Todd has often been quoted by various  media sources pertaining to estate litigation issues, including the Globe and Mail re a Wills Variation case. Trevor Todd has handled Wills Variation cases for 40 years and is often asked to comment on cases by the media-… Read more

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Pete the dog joins the team

R. Trevor Todd is pleased to announce that “Pete” has joined R. Trevor Todd, Linda Yardley, Judith Milliken Q.C., and Jazzy in the practice of wills, estates and estate litigation.   Pete the dog

BNI video intro


A video of the showcase presentation given by Trevor Todd for BNI Marinaside on July 23rd, 2012.

Mischievous Wills

Looking back on the innumerable wills that has reviewed, it is odd that I can really think of only one that was not so much mischievous, as just a “bad” idea  will. Nevertheless, the result was that the deceased’s 6 cats and 2 dogs… Read more