Sue the lawyer

Disappointed Beneficiary? Sue the Lawyer

Recent statistics issued by the Law Society indicate that approximately 4 – 6% of their claims both in number and in dollars, arise out of solicitor’s negligence relating to wills and estates. Apparently, over 40% of all claims result from either insufficient preparation or insufficient… Read more

The Disappointed Beneficiary vs the Negligent Lawyer

A disappointed beneficiary is one who fully expected to inherit, should have inherited, but due to the lawyer’s negligence in failing to prepare and have the will executed by the testator in a “ timely manner”, the testator in the interim dies without having ever… Read more

Wills Lawyer Liable For Damages to Intended Beneficiary

Meier v Rose 2012 CarswellAlta 185 is a good example of a lawyer’s negligence in the preparation of a last will and testament, and the consequent damages awarded by the court against the lawyer in favor of the intended beneficiary who did not inherit. The… Read more