Mom Always Loved You Best

Mom Always Loved YOU Best is an expression that many boomers grew up with.


The Smothers Brothers said it every show.


Trevor Todd of has a sticker with the expression on the back of his Smart car, and frequently notices other driver’s snicker as they pull up behind and read it.


It was with great delight that I read in the Globe and Mail on or about March 22.12 a wonderful article entitled none other than ” MOM ALWAYS LOVED YOU BEST”

I was unable to reproduce the article in its entirety but here are some of the salient features:

1. Adult sibling rivalry remains one of the most harmful and least addressed issues in the family – we all know it when we see it but very few have an idea what to do about it let alone understand it;
2. Sibling rivalry is a normal aspect of childhood -our siblings are our very first rivals who compete with us for love and attention as well as food, toys and jsut about everything else;
3. Sibling relationships are often the longest in our lives– research shows that up to 45% of adults have a rivalrous or distant relationship with a sibling;

4. People questioned late in life often say one of their biggest regrets is being estranged from a sibling;

5. The rivalry often persists into adult hood because it is never dealt with in childhood, while issues with parents often have been;

6. Whereas many adults have been through years of therapy and worked out a lot of guilt and other issues with their parents, when it comes to their siblings, they often can’t even articulate what exactly the problem is


Sound familiar?


I might add that it is great for business.

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