Estate Planning in North Korea

Estate Planning in North Korea

In late May 2008, I flew to North Korea on Air Koryo.

This Korean air carrier flies only thrice weekly; all three flights are between Beijing and Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (D.P.R.K.). The passengers on my flight were largely North Korean with a few Caucasians who appeared likely to be Russian. Continue reading

North Korea Revisited 2010


Here is a copy of a wall size painting I purchased that I have named “Welcome to North Korea“.

My second  trip to North Korea began with the usual  visit to their embassy in Beijing

It consists of a very large building secured behind two high barb-wired fences and several armed Chinese guards. The Chinese guards are there to ensure the Korean embassy staff do not leave.Continue reading

Colombia is Safe, But Don’t Pack Laundry Soap


An experienced traveller, I will be chuckling for years about exiting Colombia via the Bogotá airport after 2 wonderful weeks.

For context, you must appreciate that the entire airport is basically a dog-sniffing kennel.

As I was about to board, I was informed that the National Police had removed my suitcase from the plane and wished to inspect it. The airline employee mentioned that was done on a total “lottery” basis. She perhaps meant random, but when I entered the bowels of the airport and met the attending police, I knew there was nothing random about it.Continue reading