Executors: Specific Bequests and Fees

Executors: Specific Bequests and Fees

Janke, Re 1985 CarswellBC 2298 dealt with the presumption that when an executor is left a specific bequest it is in lieu of fees. This presumption applies only where the bequest is made to the executor in his capacity as executor and yields to very… Read more

Executors Personally Liable For Failing to Invest

Executors Personally Liable For Failing to Invest

Re Proniuk 1984 CarswellAlta 285 held the executor personally liable for interest lost to the estate for failing to invest the estate assets for 11 months and for interest lost on their pre taking of executor fees. In the administration of an estate, executors had… Read more

Executor Found Liable For Lost Rents

Executor Liable For Lost Rents

Executors sometimes let friends or relatives live in estate property and not collect fair rent. The executor can be personally liable for lost rent. Where an executor permits tenants to live rent-free in estate property and the court is satisfied that the property was capable… Read more

Claiming Damages for Mental Suffering

Mental Suffering

Even in estate disputes client’s often wish to claim damages for mental suffering caused by other parties. The law relating to such was discussed in the Ontario case of Guschewski v Gushewski 2017 ONSC 4553 In Prinzo v. Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care, (2002), 60… Read more

Revocation of Wills Post WESA

Revocation of Wills Post WESA

The introduction of the Wills Estates and Succession act (WESA) on March 31,2014 made a few  significant changes to the law relating to the revocation of wills. Probably the most significant change was that marriage after the execution of a will no longer revokes a… Read more

partition action

Who Can Bring a Partition Action

In order to be able to bring any  court action the claimant must have standing. Pallot v Douglas 2017 BCCA 254 is a court of appeal case setting out who has the standing to bring a partition action under the Partition of Property act. It… Read more

Beneficiary Trusts in Leasehold Estates

Beneficiary Trusts in Leasehold Estates

Pallot v Douglas 2017 BCCA 254 discusses the interest of a beneficiary of a trust in a decision that held that the beneficiary of a leasehold interest in a trust does not have the standing to partition the property and force a sale. This is… Read more

Entering into Settlement Agreements

Settlement Agreements

Probably every litigator has had the experience of having entered into a settlement agreement only to have the opposing party attempt to repudiate the settlement agreement resulting in a court application to determine if the agreement is valid and enforceable or if it was successfully… Read more

s it a Loan or Gift Within the Family?

Loan or Gift Within the Family?

ABP v KGW 2017 BCSC 977 provides a template of the criteria a court will examine in determining if a gratuitous advance of monies or property within a family from parents to children will be a loan or a gift. 5      The topic of gratuitous transfers between… Read more

Undue Delay: Equitable Defence of Laches

Undue Delay: Laches

Hrenyk v Preiss estate 2017 SKQB 151 contains a through discussion of the equitable defence of laches- the plaintiff’s undue delay in proceeding with a court action to resolution. 26 Laches is discussed in Ahone v. Holloway (1988), 30 B.C.L.R. (2d) 368 (C.A.), at page 378:… Read more

Occupational Rent - Competing Damages Between Co-Owners

Occupational Rent – Competing Damages Between Co-Owners

Ajayi v Oziegbe  2017 ONSC  2732 discussed the concept of occupational rent where one co owner occupies a jointly owned property to the exclusion of the co owner, and the co owner seeks damages for the use of the property and the occupying party seeks competing damages… Read more

Property Partition and Sale Ordered for Joint Tenants

Property Partition and Sale Ordered for Joint Tenants

Bindley Estate v Quartermaine Holding Ltd. 2017 BCSC 672 ordered partition and sale of a property %50 owned by two parties where one party wished to sell and the other refused. They we unable to agree on a price for the respondent to buy out… Read more

Understanding the Value of Life Estates

Life estates or life interests means that someone gets the use of a piece of property or some monies and investment or something along those lines for their lifetime and then after they pass away, the interest, whatever it was, goes to what is known… Read more

2 Ways the Revocation of Wills Can Happen in Vancouver

A revocation of a will in British Columbia can happen in two different ways. For example, the test dater can rip it up with the intention of revoking it. He can burn it, destroy it, and any other matter of destruction of the will with… Read more

How the Award of Court Costs are Made in British Columbia

This video is about court costs. Typically and historically, court costs often came out of the estate. The unsuccessful party did not have to pay the winning party and that was the way it was for many, many years. Approximately 20 years ago in British… Read more