Survivorship Rules Under WESA

5 Survivorship Rules Under WESA

Survivorship is concerned with the factual question of determining the order of death in a common disaster between family members . Much of estate law is based on a body of law and statutes that govern the law of succession- the transfer of personal wealth… Read more

Family Compensation Damages Limited to Wrongful Death

Family Compensation Damages Limited to Wrongful Death

BC families are precluded from recovering damages for harm caused to a family member unless the family member actually dies as per the provisions of the Family Compensation act. In Henry v Province of British Columbia, 2016 BCSC 1038  Chief Justice Hinkson stated: ‘ Neither… Read more

Euthanasia For Terminally Ill Children Proposed In Belgium

Euthanasia For Terminally Ill Children Proposed In Belgium. Further to my blog of a few days ago, Belgium is once again in the news as it is close to introducing legislation to grant euthanasia for terminally ill children, thus breaking what has been almost a… Read more

Belgium’s Liberal But Controversial Euthanasia Laws

Euthanasia Laws “Death by Doctor” as euthanasia is often known, is strictly illegal in Canada. Belgium however has in recent years enacted perhaps the world’s most liberal euthanasia laws. It is one of three countries along with the Netherlands and Luxembourg who have legalized euthanasia… Read more

Dirty Family Secrets

  At age 37, actor Jack Nicholson learned that the person he had known as his life as his sister was actually his mother, and his “mother” was actually his grandmother. By the time he learned the truth, both had died without ever telling him… Read more

Doctors Cannot End Life Support Without Consent- SCC

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that doctors cannot unilaterally choose to end life support services for Hassan Rasouli, an Ontario man who has been comatose since 2010. In a 5-2 decision, justices for Canada’s highest court ruled doctors must first obtain consent from… Read more

Appeal Court Strikes Down “Death With Dignity” Assisted Suicide

Death With Dignity Carter v Canada (Attorney General) 2013 BCCA 435 The plaintiffs Ms. Carter and Ms. Taylor, both of whom suffered from intractable and progressive diseases and are now deceased, joined with others in bringing this civil claim challenging the constitutionality of the Criminal… Read more

The Ng End of Life Support Case

The NG End of Life Support Case – Trevor Todd Co counsel Article By Vancouver Sun Columnist Ian Mulgrew. The family of a Vancouver man who has languished in a vegetative state for seven years has lost its bid to keep him alive for pioneering brain… Read more

Ending Life Support

Ending Life Support is a very topical and controversial topic in recent years and on a continual basis. The question of termination of life often raises strongly held beliefs. In recent years we have seen several contentious cases dealing with questions ranging from doctor assisted… Read more