Fraudulent Conveyance Found By Ontario Court re Defeat of Existing and Future Creditor”s Claims

Mitchell Jenner v Saunders  2012 CarswellOnt 5299 is an Ontario Court of Appeal case that upholds a finding that the sale of a husband and wife’s property was a fraudulent conveyance intended to defeat creditors. The married couple had purchased a house together but it… Read more

Reduce Financial Abuse – 15 Good Suggestions

Part Two in a Series on Financial Abuse Reduce Financial Abuse The key to reducing financial abuse is to plan appropriately to avoid it. It is crucial to begin this planning while the elder person is still competent. It is essential to engage the advice… Read more

What Is Financial Abuse and How to Identify It?

What Is Financial Abuse and How to Identify It? At we frequently encounter estates depleted by financial abuse. Elders are by no means the only victims of this abuse. Less commonly we see the financial abuse of children or disabled adults who are the… Read more

Sexual Assault Victim Collects Judgement As Court Sets Aside Transfer as a Frauduelnt Conveyance

Sexual Assault Victim Collects Judgement S. (GW) v. R. (WW) 2010 BCSC 1741 is a case alleging a fraudulent conveyance of assets from the plaintiff’s stepfather, to his son, The stepfather had sexually abused the plaintiff for several years when she was very young. In… Read more

Disbarred lawyer

Disbarred Lawyer Loses Mother’s BC Estate Case

Cameron, as administrator of the Estate of Sophia Ewachniuk v Ewachniuk 2011 BCSC 395 is the fascinating sequel of disbarred lawyer Ted Ewachniuk’s continued litigation with his two sisters. In a previous trial involving the same parties, Hix v Ewachniuk 2008 BCSC 811, affirmed 2010… Read more

Transfers Set Aside as Fraudulent Conveyances – Daughter Awarded 25% of Parents Estate for Unjust Enrichment

Antrobus v Antrobus 2009 BCSC 1341 is an excellent example of where the courts will set aside transfers that were made to defeat legal claims as fraudulent conveyances. The plaintiff was aged 59 at trial. She had became a “child homemaker” at her parents behest.